7 reasons to visit Slovenia’s most beautiful national park now!

In August, I visited Slovenia for the second time. I really fell in love with this small country! We stayed near the Triglav national park in Kranjska Gora.I recommend that your rent a car, it is the easiest way to get to all the beautiful hiking trails in the park. Lots of people stay in Tolmin, but with a car, Kranjska Gora is probably the better choice, as there are less people and the landscape is truly stunning! I will definitely come back to this gorgeous place 🙂


1. The water

The water in Slovenia is simply stunning! Not only is it crystal clear (I wouldn’t mind drinking from a river here), but it has this amazing turquoise color that can’t be ignored. It is perfect for swimming, but be warned: The water is really really cold, so better go on a nice sunny day!



2. The hiking trails

There are tons of hiking trails! As we didn’t have much time, we did only a few and one of my favorites has been the hike to the Martuljek waterfalls (starts in Gorenjska). It takes a bit to get to the top, but the views are really worth it. You can buy hiking maps in the shops or just ask for recommendations in your hotel. I also recommend driving over the highest pass in Slovenia and have a look over the mountains. We also saw a lot of people doing it by bicycle, but I guess you will have to be super fit to reach the top.



3. Soca Valley

The valley is counted among the most beautiful ones in the world and if you get there you can see why! Crystal clear blue water and you will always find a spot for yourself (Even in August, which is high season here, we found places where we were all alone). I recommend that you drive along the river and stop for smaller hikes. If you have a lot of time, you can also do plenty of day-tours in the valley.



4. The waterfalls

Ok, I LOVE waterfalls and Slovenia hasn’t disappointed me here. We visited 4 different waterfalls in the national park. The hike to the Martuljek waterfalls in Gorenjska covered already two. I preferred the first one as you can go down to the water and even explore the river on the upside of the waterfall. The 3rd waterfall was among the highest ones in Slovenia and it’s called ‘Slap Boka’. It’s located in Bovec and only a 15min walk from the parking lot and absolutely worth a visit, but the last one was the most stunning one. It’s called ‘Slap Virje’ and it’s located near Pluzna (You can follow the signs from here) . You can have a swim under this one but again, only few people have the guts as the water is really cold. Both are located near the Soca valley, so can easily do them in one day.



5. It’s not too crowded… yet

Slovenia is getting more and more popular, but it is still not yet that crowded. You can enjoy the views and hiking trails without walking in line with hundreds of other tourists. I guess this is going to change soon as it becomes more interesting for travel agencies every year.



6. People speak English, German and Italian

The Triglav national park is located near the Austrian and Italian border, so in most villages they speak all of the three languages plus Slovenian. This can be very helpful for tourists and travelers. I, for example, was very happy to find out that people spoke German 🙂



7. You get awesome views

Did I mention it already? The views are incredible!! It doesn’t matter if you are in a valley or on top of the mountains. The views will take your breath away and even when you return home, you will keep them always in your memory!


When will you travel to Slovenia?

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