Discover Ljubljana in 24 hours

Slovenia is probably my favorite country so far! After a short visit on my way to Montenegro last year, I knew that I had to come backwith my boyfriend to this wonderful place. The nature is breathtaking, but this time I also wanted to see the city Ljubljana (I can barely spell it^^) It is probably one of the smallest, but cutest main city I’ve been to. We only stayed 2 nights, so here is what we visited during our stay:


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The castle of Ljubljana

Even if you are not into history, this castle is worth a visit! It’s located high over the city and offers amazing views and romantic benches to chill out. I imagine that this is also a great spot to watch the sunset. The entrance to the castle is completely free and inside you will find a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy drinks (Try their homemade lemonade) and cakes. Furthermore there are museums, art exhibitions, a restaurant and a shop with traditional Slovenian handcrafts. You can get to the castle by car, tourist train, funicular or by foot. I recommend walking the way up, as there are only few tourists and you can really enjoy the quiet and beauty of the way.


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The bridges

Ljubljana has many bridges and you can reach most of them within minutes! The most famous one would be the dragon bridge, which is guarded by 4 amazing statues of, guess what, dragons! Another beautiful one is the butcher’s bridge. Don’t get fooled by the name, the handrail is filled with locks of lovers. You can also find lots of different statues on this rather romantic spot. Another one is the Triple bridge which consists of 3 bridges and connects the main square and newer part of town with the market and the old town. It also offers nice views over the river Ljubljanica.


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Probably the coolest spot in the city and definitely my favorite one! This part of town is a pure explosion of (street-) art and shows all the beauty that can be created if artists are given some space. Formerly it had been a military barrack, now the place is a social and cultural center where all sorts of people meet. You can visit during daytime to explore all the art installations and in the evening you can go to party in different clubs and bars there.



Stand under the rain… on a sunny day!

There is a sign with an umbrella… and the next moment you are standing in a nice cooling rain on a sunny day with blue sky 😉 I have no idea if this (art-) installation on the Preseren square is permanent or just temporary, but it sure is a cool idea!


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Tivoli park

Although the city of Ljubljana is a relative calm one, the Tivoli park takes away even the slightest stressful thoughts. The park is huge, we only walked through a small part but it was really beautiful. A large park avenue with a cute coffee at the top, squirrels that come so close you could touch them, fountains, a rose garden and a lake with millions of water lilies are just some of the things we discovered. Take your time and enjoy the getaway from the city.

The market

Sadly most of the market was closed when we were there, but we could see that it usually must be huge. It is located near the river and offers food (the “open kitchen” is often recommended), handcrafted art and the usual lovely market trash.



The Cathedral / St. Nicholas Church

The Cathedral can easily be recognized by its green dome and its twin towers. It is located near the market and is stunningly beautiful. Again, the entrance is free and you can take nice pictures of the amazing architecture of the building.


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Walk through the city

Ljubljana is such a beautiful and small city, you can reach everything by foot or bike. There is also a nice shopping street in the center if you are in need of the newest fashion. The walk along the promenade is also very nice. There are lots of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy food and drinks with a stunning view over the river and the castle. In the evening it looks especially beautiful with the moon shining above. Just enjoy this nice city, as it is not yet too much crowded with tourists.

As my boyfriend said: “Here, the world is still ok” 


Have you been to Ljubljana? What are your thoughts about the city? 🙂

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