4 ways to meet new people while traveling solo

I love travelling solo. And I don’t mind exploring a city on my own or enjoying a nice meal with myself at a restaurant. But from time to time it is nice to enjoy some company, to go out for drinks together and share your greatest stories and pictures. So here are a few ways how you get to know other travelers as well as locals: Read More

10+ Pictures that will convince you to travel to Slovenia next

Slovenia just stole my heart. I think I will have to come back here every year! Today I wanted to share the pictures of my last short trip to the Triglav national park with you. Read More

7 reasons to visit Slovenia’s most beautiful national park now!

In August, I visited Slovenia for the second time. I really fell in love with this small country! We stayed near the Triglav national park in Kranjska Gora. Read More

Discover Ljubljana in 24 hours

Slovenia is probably my favorite country so far! After a short visit on my way to Montenegro last year, I knew that I had to come backwith my boyfriend to this wonderful place.  Read More

Why I wouldn’t mind living in front of these oil platforms

Cromarty is a small village on black isle in Scotland. I didn’t love it when we arrived, in fact, I thought that it was the ugliest place ever and I hated it. But my mind has been completely changed: Read More

10 things you wish you knew before traveling to the Scottish Highlands

In June I spent two amazing weeks in the Scottish Highlands. I can honestly say that I learned a lot about the country and its people. Everything you will read in this article below is true, but Read More

A city guide to Edinburgh’s most beautiful places

Last week, I spent 2 days in Edinburgh and was blown away by its Scottish charm! It was exactly how I imagined it:

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Presenting the most colorful park on earth:

This spring, I went to a truly magical place. A place where over 7 million flowers are transforming the landscape into a paradise.  Read More

About the “octave”, “baked fish” and the “Märtchen”

Every year, the octave (a pilgrimage to the cathedral) and its market (we call this one “Märtchen”) attract lots of people to Luxembourg. I’m not really the religious type of person, but especially the market which accompanies the octave has become a tradition in Luxembourg. It takes place from the 3rd to the 5th Sunday after Easter. Read More

Awesome roadtrip to Spain

Now, this is a 2-week road trip I did with my cousin 2 years ago. Why am I posting this now? Because I’m sick, I’m lying on my couch at home and I’m bored to death. Read More