The amazing cliff path of Hermanus

Most people come to Hermanus for whale watching and shark diving. I’m not gonna lie, that was my plan too. But after seeing a few whales from the shore and a terrible white shark diving experience (will tell you about that later), I just wanted to be my last day here a really relaxing one. I asked if there was an easy hike that I could do on my own and my hostel recommended me the cliff path. The path is about 10km long and easy to walk.  A little before the end of your hike, you will arrive to Grotto beach where you can rest, have some drinks and a delicious seafood meal in the only restaurant they have there.


What’s so special about the hike?

First of all, the landscape and the fauna is amazing. You walk most of the time along the sea, come to lonely paradise beaches and if you are lucky you can spot some whales from the shore. You will also find a lot of signs along the way, explaining the nature and animals around you. I saw many beautiful birds too. I visited Hermanus in November and there were not too many people. I had a lot of beaches all to myself, which I was really thankful for. Oh, there are also 2 ocean swimming pools if you are courageous enough to get into the ice cold water 😉


How difficult is the hike?

I would say that everyone can at least do a part of the hike. It is really easy to walk and there are a lot of benches where you can rest while having an amazing view.  Unfortunately, it is not wheelchair friendly as there are ups and downs and a few stairs too. But there are some nice parking spots along the way where you can get out and have amazing views too. This is a good option if you don’t have enough time to hike the whole path.


Is it safe?

I hate this question but unfortunately it is an important one to ask (especially if you are a solo traveler). But good news: This path is totally safe. There is security along the way and the area you’re walking through seems to be extremely rich. There are mansions and villas you can only imagine in your dreams. You will notice that they are all secured with walls and/or electric fences, but this is just how things are around here. Sadly there seems to be a huge wealth difference between white and the colored people.


So if you are visiting Hermanus (and you definitely should), don’t miss this amazing little paradise path. Relax, sit down on a bench and watch the whales swimming and playing in the ocean and come to peace on one of the many beautiful lonely beaches.


Beautiful animals











Amazing plants







The landscapes



















Afrika_296-2The ocean swimming pool





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6 Comments on “The amazing cliff path of Hermanus”

  1. I can’t get over how beautiful these photos are! Seriously. When I was in South Africa a few years ago, I did a couple of amazing coastal hikes. I didn’t make it to Hermanus, but I did a hike also on the coast of the Western Cape and the scenery is really similar. Your post brought me back there immediately! Such a beautiful area in a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂


    • Thank you so much, I’m happy you like the photos 😁 yes, South Africa is such an amazing country, I’m going back there next year! I loved to western cape too 😊


  2. Breathtaking landscapes! I love seeing the sea so rough (not when I’m on a boat, of course). It adds so much to a picture, makes it so much more dynamic. I hope to one day see South Africa with my own eyes, as I just love browsing pictures of that gorgeous country!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, yes the sea was amazing for taking pictures, but for swiming not so much 😊 You have to go there one day, it’s one of my fvorite countries so far!


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