“Kasteler Felsenpfad” A beautiful hike not far from Trier and Luxembourg

A few weeks ago, my parents and I hiked the absolutely beautiful “Kasteler Felsenpfad”. It can be translated as “the rocky path of Kastel”. This hike is situated half an hour drive from Trier and approximately a 20 minutes drive from the Luxembourgish border. If you like colorful forests, rocks, a little adventure and stunning views, you should not miss this one! It is only 8,8 kilometers short, but there are a lot of ups and downs and, if you’re into it, climbing.



Not far from the starting point in the village Kastel, you can see an old church with a soldiers graveyard behind it. Not only is the graveyard really beautiful, but if you cross it, you will get an awesome view all over the valley. You could see all the way to Saarburg and the Saar river wriggles through the valley.



First, you will walk through a beautiful forest with lots of big rocks. It is very similar to the “Mullertal” in Luxembourg. We did the hike in autumn which was probably the best time as the trees were so colorful. It felt like walking through a fairy tale forest.


At one point we came across a really big rock, which you can climb with the help of thick steel cables. Do it, because the view you will get at the top is stunning! Sadly I left my camera at the bottom as I was afraid to slip off and break it. But you will not be disappointed. I advise you to wear good hiking shoes for this as it can be slippery on the rocks. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of heights.

But pictures say more than a thousand words, so enjoy these captures:





































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Where is your favorite hiking trail?

10 Comments on ““Kasteler Felsenpfad” A beautiful hike not far from Trier and Luxembourg”

  1. So glad to have found this blog. We have really been wanting to go to Luxembourg. So it’s nice to know this is so close by there. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

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