About the “octave”, “baked fish” and the “Märtchen”

Every year, the octave (a pilgrimage to the cathedral) and its market (we call this one “Märtchen”) attract lots of people to Luxembourg. I’m not really the religious type of person, but especially the market which accompanies the octave has become a tradition in Luxembourg. It takes place from the 3rd to the 5th Sunday after Easter.


Luxembourg has always been a mostly Christian country. But more and more young people aren’t that interested in religion anymore. They still visit the yearly market, where it is a tradition to eat baked fish and where you always bump into people you know. Of course, you can also get all other sorts of dishes (my tip: smoked salmon on a sandwich). The last years the market has been divided and occurs in two places in the main city:

  • Place Guillaume: Now there are mostly stands for eating, back in time there were also a lot of shops and games for the children. A few years ago, the whole market took place here.
  • Place de la constitution: Here you can still find a few stands that offer games for children or sell all kind of staff. You will also certainly find a great dessert here (Pofertjes, waffles, Kürtös, chichis…). Don’t forget to look up, to admire our proud “golden lady”, a statue, that has been built to remind us of the Luxembourgish people who have fought and died during the first world war. Also, behind the market, you can enjoy a beautiful view.


Of course, this event is still a religious one and one of the most important in Luxembourg. For two weeks, people from all over the country make a pilgrimage to the cathedral, which is gloriously decorated during this time. They do that to honor a statue of Maria, which is called the comforter of the afflicted. You can enter the cathedral and just have a look or stay for one of the many church services.

Enjoy the pictures I took of the Cathedral and the market:

The Cathedral:









On the market:


IMG_8683(Try the smoked salmon sandwich!)

IMG_8637(Also a tradition: Glacons canadians. Everyone in Luxembourg buys these at the market and they taste amazing!)


IMG_8628(We ate our fish in “the Kessel”. I can really recommend it. Other good places are “friture Armand” and “Chez Irene”)

IMG_8627(26€ for a fish is quite expensive, but it’s huge and tastes awesome!!)

Our “Golden lady”:


Views, seen from the market:

IMG_8691(One of the many banks in Luxembourg)

IMG_8689(On the left you can see the Cathedral)

IMG_8685(Modern buildings in the city)

Have you been to the “Märtchen”? Share your experience 🙂

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