A guide to Malaga and its surroundings

Malaga… The second biggest city od Andalucia in Spain, the capital of costa del Sol. In summer maybe bursting with tourists, but if you go a little of the path you will still find some quiet, romantic places to go 🙂


Castillo de Gibralfaro and Alcazaba

Or more the ruins of this ancient castle complex. Climb the walls and enjoy an amazing view over the city and the port. The rooms remaining in Alcazaba are sometimes used for exhibitions, so inform yourself if there’s maybe an interesting one during your visit. They charge you 3.50€ for the entrance, but if you go on a Sunday afternoon after 2pm, it’s for free. By the way, the place is amazing for watching a beautiful sunset.

The Manquita cathedral

I am not really a fan of visiting churches or cathedrals, but this one is really great. In 1855 the cathedral was appointed the title of a Basilica minor from the pope. Many different styles from the renaissance, gothic and baroque times come together in this masterpiece. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Go shopping

Yes, Malaga is a big city and of course, there is a big shopping street with all the famous boutiques. But if you leave the main street you will find tonnes of typical, small shops. So just get lost and discover the of the path streets, you won’t regret it!

Picasso museum and the place where he grew up

Picasso was born here and you can visit the house where he grew up! For people who love these art things like me, I really recommend you to visit this. It is very interesting and you also get an idea how people lived here around late 1800. There’s also a museum in town with lots of artworks from Picasso.


Relax at the beach

I am not the person who enjoys lying at a beach for a whole 7 days, but sometimes it can be nice for an afternoon. The beach is crowded, but clean and you can safely swim in the sea. Warning: People come constantly by and want to sell you Sangria and Mojito, but they are really disgusting. So bring your own drinks or buy something at one of the bars on top of the beach.


Walk through the park, discover the port  and the beach promenade

Honestly, at least walk through the park. It is so incredibly beautiful and has huge palm trees, parrots, masterpiece sculptures and quiet places. What do you want more? More than once we enjoyed a nice ice cream here. The port is also worth a visit, as it is more modern and you can see giant ships.


Nerja and its beaches and grottoes

If you want to visit gorgeous beaches, Nerja is the place to go. Located about 50 km outside of Malaga, you can go there by bus or car. Nerja has about 14 km of coastline, filled with more popular and also of the grid beaches. For some beaches, you need to take a navette as cars are not allowed. You will be rewarded by far less-crowded paradise beaches which are amazing for snorkelling. If you are in Nerja you can also visit the famous grottoes, which are among the most visited places in Spain. Not only are the caves incredibly beautiful, but there are also concerts inside it. Be quick, they sell out quickly



Probably my favourite place around Malaga. If you have the possibility, please go to Ronda, you won’t regret it! The town is located around 110 km outside of Malaga, you can reach it by bus or car.It’s located on the top of a 100m deep canyon. Beside the most beautiful old town of Ronda and the amazing views over the deserted hills surrounding it, the most impressive bridge I have ever seen in my life is leading you over the canyon.

My hostel recommendation for Malaga: The Babylon hostel  Why? Lots of nice local people hanging out there, nice easy going staff and amazing food! Well, it’s been over a year now that we’ve been there, I hope it still is the same 🙂

















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