How to spend your time in Prague

Prague amazed me with its charming old streets, its food and breathtaking architecture! Here are the must-sees you shouldn’t miss:

Walk over the famous Charles bridge


This impressive stone bridge over the river Vltava is probably the most visited characteristic of the city. It was built in the 14th century and connects the old town with the Lesser quarter and Prague‘s castle. Guarded by 3 towers on the sides and 30 massive statues on the top of the bridge, you should definitely not miss a walk over it.


Spend the day in Prague‘s castle and don‘t miss the St Vitus cathedral


You should probably plan a whole day to visit this, as it is the largest coherent castle complex in the world! (around 70000m2). This beautiful complex was built around the year 900 and offers breathtaking romanesque and gothic buildings. Don‘t miss the cathedral within the complex!! You may need to wait a little bit in line (i waited around 30minutes), but it‘s really worth it!


Watch the spectacle of the astronomical clock


Prague’s famous astronomical clock is in the old town square. Installed in 1410, it is the oldest, still operating, astronomical clock in the world!! Not only shows it the time, months, position of the sun and moon, but there‘s also an hourly show of moving figures, most importantly the walk of the Apostles.


Visit the Jewish cemetery


I‘m not a big fan of visiting cemeteries, but this one is worth a look. The first tombstone dates back to 1439 so you can imagine the age of this area. As space was limited, they built the new tombs over the old ones, so that sometimes there are about 10 layers of graves. The graveyard consists of more or less 12000 graves.


Climb some Towers


Prague is also called the city of thousand towers and it‘s true! Seriously, you can find towers everywhere and most of them you can climb up. It gets you a nice view over the city! I especially recommend the tower of the Charles bridge on the Lesser quarter as it gives you a nice view over the river too.


Get a bird view from the Petrin lookout tower


This specific tower is a must-see and just half an hour walk from the city. Is also called the Eiffel tower of Prague. Back in time, it was used as an observation and transmission tower, today it is mostly a tourist attraction. The way up to the top is a little exhausting, but you will be rewarded with the best all-round view over the whole city.


Relax in the parks


Sometimes sightseeing can get stressful, so take a break in one of Pragues beautiful parcs. There is one near the Prague castle, which impresses with lots of flowers and lovely benches. Another park you will cross when viviting the Petrin tower. This one is larger, has a lot of trees and quiet places, so it’s really romantic! If you wouldn‘t have this breathtaking views over Prague, you could just forget that the city is just a few steps away.


Visit the old town square and Wenceles square


Both squares are worth a look. I spent more time in the old town square which offered a lovely christmas market. Also, the main city church is located in this square. The Wenceles square is more of a boulevard with an amazing view on the National museum. For shopping, restaurants and nightlife, this is the place to be.


Try the local food


Not only beer lovers will fall in love with Prague, but also foodies. The cuisine may seem strange to some, as it is normal to have bread in your sauce on the plate, but I loved it! For street food, try a „Trdelniks“. The dough is roasted over coals and sprinkeled with nuts, coconuts, sugar or chocolate.


More pictures of the trip:

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-482(Baked with love <3)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-400(the beautiful Lesser quarter)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-388(park over the city)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-368(The Petrin lookout tower)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-347(birdview from the Petrin tower)



prag-31-03-03-04-2016-313(Guard at Prague castel)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-220(nice city view from the castle)





prag-31-03-03-04-2016-188(boat on the Vlatava river)

prag-31-03-03-04-2016-170(The Charles bridge)





prag-31-03-03-04-2016-070(Jewish cemetery)



prag-31-03-03-04-2016-022(Franz Kafka statue)







prag-31-03-03-04-2016-489(one of the many synagogues)



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