Slovenia’s two paradise-lakes

Lake Bohinj


This is probably my favourite place of all time! When I arrived at lake Bohinj I just sat down by the water for like half an hour, to convince myself that I wasn‘t dreaming. The lake is located in the Triglav national park, which is also highly recommended for hiking! It is one of the largest lakes of Slovenia, surrounded by high mountains, fed mostly by the river Sava. Never before have I seen such clear water. You are allowed to swim in the lake, but be aware that the water is very cold. The lake can be surrounded completely by foot (more or less 10km) or you can get a ferry halfway which brings you back to your starting point. Along the way, there are a lot of hidden places and beaches so that you can always find a place for yourself.


Lake Bled


Lake Bled is probably the most touristic place in Slovenia. It appears in every tourist guide, but still, it is worth a visit! It‘s located near the town of Bled in which you can find uncountable coffees and restaurants near the water. The town is easily reachable from the main city Ljubljana as it is only 50km away. The lake can be easily surrounded by foot on a promenade which is around 3 km long. But the mountains and forests around the lake got some really nice trails too and offer amazing views. The typical picture of lake Bled has an iconic island in the middle, containing the famous pilgrimage church, build around the 17th century. To reach the church you must climb 99 stone steps. The island can be reached by boat, tours are offered everywhere around the lake.

Pictures from Bled:



Pictures from Bohinj:














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