The beautiful christmas market of Trier


Trier itself is already an amazingly beautiful city and the oldest one of Germany. And you shouldn’t miss their Christmas market! From the 21st November to the 22nd December the centre becomes Winter-wonderland. Let yourself taken away by the nice Christmas  feeling that surrounds the 95 wood cabins, have a mulled wine and some poffertjes. And I’m sure your sweetheart won’t mind getting a cute gingerbread heart ❤


If you’re hungry, you should definitely stop at the Backhaus. You get amazing tartes with freshly baked bread (yes they  bake the bread right there, so it’s fresh all the time) Yummi!


Have a mulled wine! They offer red and white wine and I have to say the white one is my new favorite 🙂 Traditionally they also offer mulled beer, egg punch and hot chocolate ❤


Don’t miss the poffertje! I discovered this delicious Dutch speciality this year thanks to my lovely boyfriend. Basically poffertjes are very small pancakes and you can get them with sugar, chocolate, cherries… It may doesn’t look so nice in my picture, but you have to give it a try!



Get your love a gingerbread heart ❤



Enjoy your day there!

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