6 reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life!

Travelling solo is one of the best experiences you can get for yourself! Read More

Slovenia’s two paradise-lakes

Lake Bohinj


This is probably my favourite place of all time! When I arrived at lake Bohinj I just sat down by the water for like half an hour, to convince myself that I wasn‘t dreaming. Read More

Why you need to add the Plitvice lakes to your Bucket list!


Not only are the Plitvice lakes the biggest national park of Croatia (nearly 300 km2), but also the oldest one in Southeastern Europe. Once you enter this amazing park you never want to leave! Read More

Hiking in the small Swiss of Luxembourg


The “Müllerthal” is also called the small Swiss of Luxembourg. The region gets this name because of its rocky landscape. There are no real mountains, but tons of hills and rocks in the forests, it looks absolutely beautiful! Read More

The beautiful christmas market of Trier


Trier itself is already an amazingly beautiful city and the oldest one of Germany. And you shouldn’t miss their Christmas market! Read More

3 days in Kotor, Montenegro

This October I felt like it was time again for a road trip. It took me to the Balkans and I also stayed 3 nights in Kotor, Montenegro. The country is absolutely stunning and I wish I could have spent more time there! Read More

Granada: A magical place in southern Spain


You should definitely not miss this awesome city when visiting the country! It is one of my favourite places so far. Read More

How (not) to spend a night on the beach


When my cousin and I were on our road trip through Spain, Portugal and France, sleeping on the beach was on the top of our to-do-list. As the Algarve in Portugal has some of the most beautiful hidden beaches, we decided to take our chance there. Read More

5 places you MUST visit in Croatia


In general

This autumn I travelled to some of the Balkan countries and I must say, all of them were amazing. As I spent most of my time in Croatia, I wanted to start with this amazing wonderland. Read More