6 reasons why your next trip should be a road trip

I love road trips! In my opinion, it’s the best way to travel 🙂 You are independent, you can do it alone or with friends. Here are more reasons why you should definitely get in your car and start driving:

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The mysterious Sintra and the stunning beaches around

Sintra is a small town, about half an hour by train from Lisbon. It is famous for its century old palaces and beautiful gardens. The place is simply magic. Read More

Why you should visit BelĂ©m


Belém is a beautiful district of Lisbon and you can easily get there by train. Honestly, it takes like 10 minutes and is really worth it. Read More

10 amazing things to do in Lisbon


Lisbon was awesome! Not only did I meet some amazing people, but the city is also beautiful, exciting and full of amazing food! If you are there, be sure not to miss these 10 experiences: Read More

A guide to Malaga and its surroundings

Malaga… The second biggest city od Andalucia in Spain, the capital of costa del Sol. In summer maybe bursting with tourists, but if you go a little of the path you will still find some quiet, romantic places to go 🙂 Read More

Luxembourg’s traditional carnival pastry

In Luxembourg, we love carnival! But we also love food, so it is no surprise that we have our own traditional carnival food. The most popular pastry would be the “Verwuerelter”, which are basically just delicious dough-knots. Here’s the simple recipe: Read More

UNESCO’s amazing “Völklingen Ironworks”

The Völklinger Ironworks, or as we call it here “Völklinger HĂĽtte”, is a very impressive muted Ironworks in the small town of Völklingen, not far from SaarbrĂĽcken. It was started in 1873 and closed its doors in 1986. Eight years later, Unesco declared it as a world culture heritage. Read More

Don’t just skip Bosnia and Herzegovina


When I travelled to Montenegro I passed Bosnia and Herzegovina on my way back to Croatia. First, I just wanted to stay a night in Mostar, probably the most famous spot of the country. But as I was speaking with other travellers, they convinced me that I absolutely had to go to Sarajevo, the capital, too. Read More

Let’s talk about Couchsurfing


Let’s begin with the big question: What exactly is Couchsurfing?The answer is simple: Read More

How to spend your time in Prague

Prague amazed me with its charming old streets, its food and breathtaking architecture! Here are the must-sees you shouldn’t miss: Read More