Who’s Mi?

Hi there! My name is Mireille and I‘m from Luxembourg (the very small country between Germany, France and Belgium). Lots of people around the world have trouble spelling my name, so most of them just call me Mi 😉


What is there to tell about me? I decided to create a blog because I like sharing some of my adventures and favourite places with you. I love traveling and want to spend more time doing it. If I can manage that, I will tell you all about it! Beside that, I also like writing articles and taking pictures. I guess that’s a good reason to start a blog? I really hope you enjoy this page and if you have any suggestions, just tell me 🙂

PS: You can follow me on instagram: storiesofmi

What will this blog be about?



 I absolutely LOVE to travel! I really want to travel more, but it turns out to be difficult with a full-time job. But who knows what can happen in the future? When I travel, I prefer being spontaneous, booking hostels only the day before. That‘s why I like road trips with my own car. You can go whenever you want wherever you want. Furthermore you can pick up hitchhikers or other travelers on the road and have the best time with them. In this blog you will find some articles about places I‘ve explored or crazy experiences I‘ve had on the road.



As I have lived in 3 different places in Luxembourg and still do, you will also find some articles about this country. With not even 550000 people living here (in the hole country!!) and only 2586 km², the grand Duchy is really small. But we have everything we need here, a few beautiful cities, amazing landscapes in the north, some very nice restaurants and, of course, the famous luxembourgish wine. It will be fun to write about and if you have any questions, don‘t be afraid to ask me 🙂

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