From Alaska to Argentina

Yes, that’s the plan! I guess everyone has a bucket list which contains things to do or places to go and following the Panamerican road all on my own is definitely on mine. First, the plan sounded crazy to me too, but the longer I thought about it the clearer it became.

This travel journey has been on my mind for over a year now and things start to get more concrete these days. This means I’m doing my research on places to visit, how to travel, how much money it will cost and so on. And of course learning Spanish to make it through south America! Thousands of people already drove on the Panamerican highway, some by car, some public transport, some by walking, hitchhiking, bike or whatsoever. For everyone it’s a unique experience and people travelling this road started to become a real community.


Why the Panamerican road?

There are so many beautiful places on earth, I know, and yes I want to visit them all. But you have to start somewhere, right? The Panamerican road is a directive, so I don’t plan to stick exactly to it. On the way from Alaska to Ushuaia, you have everything: Stunning nature (from mountains, deserts to jungles), vibrant cities and so many different cultures. I guess for me the route represents some sort of ultimate freedom if that doesn’t sound too silly^^. Plus, I absolutely love road trips, so what better route than this one?


How do you want to travel?

I plan on taking the plane to Alaska and make my way down the continent by buses, trains or hitchhiking. In Panama, I will take a ship or plane to Colombia, as there is an interruption of the Panamerican road here. It ends in the jungle and some drug lords make sure you don’t want to search your way through it. From Colombia to Ushuaia I will again continue in buses, trains and cars. I thought about buying a van for a long time and driving myself, but the costs seem too high in comparison of what you get. But who knows what happens on the road? I probably end buying one in America anyway.

For accommodation, I will sleep in hostels, do some Couchsurfing and probably take a tent with me too.  In Alaska and USA, I will also check out the WWOOF movement. This means that I can stay on an organic farm, work there a few hours a day and get accommodation for free. I won’t plan a lot in advance because I want to stay flexible, sometimes stay longer in one place than planned and skip others I don’t like that much.


Don’t you have a work life?

Yes I have, but you need to set priorities, right? 😉 No I’m kidding, I’m happy with my job and will ask for a one-year unpaid vacation. If that doesn’t work, well I guess that I will need to find another job when I get back. Despite that I have and still do save money for the trip, I want to keep it simple and rather rely on locals for accommodation than hotels. A year is a long time and I will have no income during the trip. But I prefer the adventurous way anyway 🙂


What are you looking forward to most?

Hmm… Everything?  But especially I’m looking forward to these places here below. They represent a great part of my America bucket list:

Alaska (just everything about it)

Banff and Jasper national Parks (Canada)

Yellowstone national park (USA)

Grand canyon, I know, very touristic, but come on I have to see it :p (USA)

Death valley (USA)

Scuba diving/whale watching in Baja California (Mexico)

A Jungle trip (Ecuador)

Salar de Uyuni, omg I’m so looking forward to this place! (Bolivia)

Camino de la muerte, because adventures are always agood idea (Bolivia)

Machu Pichu (Peru)

Torres del Paine national park (Chile)

Cities: Vancouver, San Francisco, Tijuana, Mexico City, Lima, La Paz, Cordoba, Santiago, Buenos Aires (if there is enough time), Ushuaia

So, I will go back to my planning and dreaming now, I will let you know how it goes 🙂 Leave a comment and share your biggest dream with me!

Stay tuned ❤

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